SAP EPC, Part L1A Part L1B reports, Air tests
SAP EPC, Part L1A Part L1B reports, Air tests
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SAP EPC, energy Performance certificate EPCs June 2024 from Only £99

SAP Epc certificates are required for all rented properties or for sale, we cover epc Manchester, Oldham and Rochdale as well as EPCs across the north west, energy performance certificates are carried out by our qualified and Elmhurst accredited energy assessors who can produce a energy certificate on the same day showing a epc rating for the property assessed, commercial epcs are also carried out by our energy assessors, we can also carry out SAP EPCs which are a legal requirement for all newley built residential properties from 1st of April 2008.


A SAP EPC assessment work's by assessing how much energy a building will consume and how much (C02) will be emitted in delivering a defined level of comfort and service provision, based upon standardized occupancy conditions. This will then give an accurate comparison of the buildings energy performance. The purpose of a SAP assessment is to make sure that your newly built property is up to Part L building regulation standards and energy efficient reducing its energy use and carbon emissions. It is a legal requirement under Part L of the building regulations for all new dwellings and extensions to carry out a SAP EPC report and to meet a minimum Dwelling Efficiency Rating (DER) and a Target Emission Rating (TER) before a completion certificate is issued by your local building control department (BCD).


To carry out a SAP EPC inspection we would require plans/ architect drawings, section drawings, floorplans, heating system make and model number/ hot water system type, specifications/ construction details for the new dwelling including the build up of all types of walls, roof and floors, Accredited Construction details (ACDs) if used, Thermal bridge values if known an air test certificate and renewable energy installed with MCS Certificate, also further details maybe requested if required. This would be completed in our office remotely and a visit to the property would not be necessary unless you needed further advice on thermal envelope insulation and U value breakdown for the walls, floor and roof insulation measures.

Once all details have been calculated by the software (SAP 2012 or SAP 10) to see if your compliant with current building regulations. we would update you on the outcome of the results via email or call to advise if it was falling short from any part or what needs to be done to reach the dwelling emission rate (DER) and target emission rate rating (TER).


From Only £125 New Built Property Part L1A - Do I need a SAP EPC - YES All New Dwellings must have a SAP EPC design stage in place before any building works begin, Calculation Part L1A performed in order to demonstrate compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. The Standard Assessment Procedure is DECCs methodology for Assessing and comparing the energy and environmental performance of Buildings in England. we can also carry out Air and Ventilation testing for newbuild properties and sound testing between party walls and floors.


SAP EPC Extensions - From Only £125

If your Building an extension where the glazing is greater than 25% of the floor area, then you will require a SAP Assessment to be Compliant with Part L Building Regulations.

SAP EPC Conversions Part L1B for Building Regs approval - From Only £125

Call Now BRE SAP Assessments

SAP EPC Conversions - If you renovate an older property such that there has been a material change in use, then we can undertake a SAP Part L1b assessment to demonstrate compliance with Buliding regulations Part L. air test is not required for this, Architect drawings and heating hot water type including any renewable energy system installed.

What I need to provide for my newly built property SAP EPC Assessment Part L1A building regulations compliance.

  • Floor Plans, Section & Elevation Drawings
  • Orientation of building, South, East, West and North e.g. Site plan
  • Construction specification of walls, roof & Floor build up, this is then used to calculate the U vale for the dwelling.
  • Specification u and g values for all windows and doors including velux windows and Bifold doors. 
  • Accredited construction details ACDs or Thermal bridges
  • Details of Primary & Secondary heating systems, heating controls ie. roomstat, weather compensater, programmer, TRV's, Temprature zone control, including any air conditioning or ventilation system prescent.
  • Renewable energy saving system or Solar PV Panels (if applicable)
  • Air test results with a certificate confirming pass rate. (Only for newley built, not required for Part L1b conversions.
  • MCS or FIT Certificates if any renewable technology has been installed.


SAP EPC's Part L1A are a legal requirement for all newley built properties for residential purposes. It is advisable to instruct a qualifiedand accredited SAP assessor (OCEA) to carry out and advise on any issues prior to starting your project (design stage) this can save thousands of pounds later on and also valuble time rectifying any problems with the Target efficiency rate TER and dwelling emmission rate DER, inefficient heating systems, poor U values and air leakage to name a few.


SAP EPC's also required for converted dwellings Part L1B SAP is a legal requirement for converted dewellings from commercial to residential or a large extension with a highly glazed area.


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