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Energy Performance Certificate EPC Manchester or anywhere in the UK, Price list - Order now From Only £45.00

Manchester EPC or anywhere in the UK, a reasonable effort should be made in obtaining an energy performance certificate EPC, this is now a legal requirement. If you are selling or letting your property and the house is being marketed with an estate agent or online you will be responsible to provide a copy of the EPC Certificate to anyone intrested.


If you fail to instruct a qualified energy assessor to inspect your property and provide a valid EPC Report you could be fined £1000s

Avoid any unnecessary fines and call today to book the cheapest EPC assessment in the North west.


Our special rate is available in Manchester and rochdale areas.

EPC - Energy Performance Certificate EPC £45 Order NOW


Apartment or Flat & 1 bedroom house *£45.00 inclusive EPC (Total price you pay)

EPC - Energy Performance Certificate EPC £40 Order NOW Special Offer


Houses 2 Bedrooms *£49.00 inclusive EPC (Total Price you pay)

EPC - Energy Performance Certificate EPC £55 Order NOW


Houses 3 bedrooms *£55.00 inclusive EPC (Total price you pay)



Larger properties please contact us for a competetive quote, Our Prices are very reasonable.

* EPC prices are for North west region only. if you require an EPC Certificate anywhere else please ring our Order line or fill in our contact form Thank you.

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Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC - Prices

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate Commercial EPC


Commercial Energy Performance Certificates EPC Start from £99.00 inclusive

Please fill in our contact form with the following details below for an accurate quotation of your premises Thank you.



Size of property:      (Aprrox. Area)       No of Floors

Type of Build: stone...brick....system build etc.

year of build aprox.

Type of Heating system installed if any.

What type of Business premises ie. office...Factory..Retail shop...Take-away etc.


Once we have recieved the above information we will send your EPC quote straight away. Normally within 10 minutes of enquiry Thank you...

Approved Energy Assessors with BRE Accredited Assessors with Bre


Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) Give Vital Information on how to improve your homes energy efficientcy and reduce your carbon emmissions. All domestic buildings bought, sold or let will require an EPC, this is a new legislation throughout the UK.


You can request for an EPC directly from the Agent or owner of the property if you are looking at it to by or rent and its on the market being advertised as for sale or to let.

You'll need to provide an EPC if you are selling or letting your property. An EPC is valid for 10 years for Rental and sale purposes .


EPCs contain detailed information on your home's energy costs, a reccomendation report is also part of the EPC whcih gives details in ways you can reduce your energy costs and save money, details of the Energy Assessor who carried out the epc survey and who to contact if you want to make a complaint.


EPCs carry ratings that compare the current energy efficiency and estimated costs of energy use with potential figures that your home could achieve. Potential figures are calculated by estimating what the energy efficiency and energy costs could be if energy saving measures were carried out.


The rating measures the energy efficiency of your house using a grade from A-G and A being the most energy efficient. The Average rating in the UK is a D. All homes are measured using the same calculations and each property is assessed on a standard occupancy so that it can be possible to compare the energy ratings of diffirent properties in England and Wales.


EPCs also provide a detailed recommendation report showing how you could reduce the amount of energy you use your CO2 emmisions.



What an EPC looks like ? 


Information about energy efficiency is summarised in a chart that shows the EPC rating. This chart looks simillar to those you would see in Commet or Currys on all electrical appliances, like TV's and washing machines.

You can click on our sample report on the left side of this Page which shows you what EPC looks like.


We have a special offer for Manchester epc, Rochdale epc, oldham epc, london epc, bury epc, bolton epc, Blackburn epc, bacup epc, commercial epcs and landlord epcs

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EPC Certificates
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*Special Offer EPC Rochdale, Manchester or EPC London from Only £55.00

London Energy Performance Certificate Best EPCs online

How energy efficient is your House? Order your EPC NOW !


For further enquiries please contact us at:

Energy national (EPC)

Castlemere Street
Rochdale OL11 3SW

EPC Orderline: 0161 8708060 - 01706 662700






You can also use our contact form for all your EPC enquiries.

Office hours

We're open at the following times:

9.00am - 9.00pm Mon-fri 10.00am - 6.00pm sat-sun

Everyone is talking about them, but why do you need a EPC?


Learn more about this government initiative in our section on Energy performance Certificates EPC


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